The Richard Anthony’s Perfect Shave

Always try to wet shave, as this is without doubt the cleanest and closest shave possible.   The wet shave is much kinder to the skin, less ageing and helps to reduce irritations and in growing hairs.

Always shave after a bath or shower as the heat and steam generated helps to open the skin pores.

Shave before eating a meal as your skin becomes more sensitive with digestion.

Begin the wet shave by washing the face with a facial wash in warm water, dry and then use a moisturizing lotion to help pre softened the beard in preparation for shaving.

Use a good quality shaving brush, pure badger hair are the best. Used in circular actions the shaving brush retains heat in the beard, lifts the beard hair and helps the cream to penetrate the skin.

Shaving soaps or creams that contain moisturizers are the best Natural & Organic are excellent. Try to avoid creams with too much benzocaine or menthol as these close down the pores in the skin.

Pre shave oils maybe used although moisturizing pre shave creams are better.

Check your razor blade is clean and not older than its third shave.  Also, consider where you razor blade is kept.  Always shave in the direction of your beard growth pattern.  Clean your razor with warm water regularly.  Aim for even strokes of the razor no more than an inch long. Try not to apply too much pressure to the skin. Always leave the skin soap free as you shave so you know where you have shaved, this further helps to prevent over-shaving. Do not let soap dry on the skin, try and keep skin both moist and warm.

Avoid trying to get the shave too close on the first shave, it is better to shave twice than to try and rush and over-shave your beard.

Once you have completed the first shave reapply the moisturizer and shave cream repeating the shave process, only this time try to aim your strokes to come across the beard growth. Do not be tempted to go against the grain! 
The secret of a good shave is knowing when too stop.

Closeness will be achieved with practice. 
 After the second shave, finish the beard with a moisturizing lotion or relaxing cream, never use aftershave as this will irritate the skin at this stage as the skin is dehydrated altering the skins PH level.

I would always recommend a professional shave lesson with a trained Richard Anthony Barber to provide you with individual tuition to help rectify any post shave problems.  Please feel free to contact me for a recommended salon near you.